Academy activities

Physical Preparation

Drivers’ talent needs to be developed through physical programme and training specifically tailored for motorsport features. MEDEX, the medical centre partner of Ferrari, has the responsibility for all that concerns health and physical preparation of our drivers, who are trained to sustain the physical effort they will have to face during the race weekend.

Mental Preparation

The Mental Training is a unique Ferrari brain training based on the Neurological and Physiological programmes (using the bio-feedback and neuro-feedback techniques).
Biofeedback is the process which allows persons to learn how to achieve a significant effect on:

  • physiological responses
  • the ability to control the state of anxiety
  • deep relax
  • inhibiting the stress negative symptoms
  • limiting excessive emotions.

The Neurofeedback is a tool which makes an individual able to change the amplitude, frequency and consistency of the electrophysiological aspects of his/her brain.


The new generation of drivers needs to grow and build the experience not just by driving and performing, but also by improving their cultural knowledge at 360 degrees, covering technical elements too, traditionally up to their engineers only.
Using a didactic model based on experiences, we planned a series of theoretical meetings in classroom and practical “live” during some of the test sessions in the track – called PILS – with the aim of transmitting to drivers how to use their own talent at the maximum level, learning how to think and communicate with their Team.

The driving simulator

Nowadays, using the Driving Simulator as a teaching instrument is a true reality in contemporary motorsports.
The drivers will learn:

  • how to work with their own engineers
  • set-up changes consequences on the car handling
  • how to set and learn optimal trajectories according to the racetrack
  • how to coordinate the action of braking, throttling, gearshifting and steering while turning.

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