Kimi Räikkönen

Age: 35
Weight: 70
Height: 175
135 Points
5 Championship
Race wins
Grand Prix
Pole Positions

Did you know there are two Kimi Raikkonens? There’s the one who doesn’t say much and what he does say comes through the microphone in a low mumble and then there’s the “real” Kimi, who has plenty to say, likes art and sometimes, if he’s in a good mood, can become positively chatty. The trick is to make him feel comfortable with his surroundings, without making his life complicated. Now he’s got a baby boy, his privacy is even more important to him. But he still knows how to joke and be good company when he’s with the right friends. Whatever he’s doing, the key is to go for it, be it motocross, snowmobiling or even tackling a ride-on lawnmower.
It’s not by chance that his favourite circuits are the old skool ones, like Spa, where he has won four times, which is more than any other current Formula 1 driver, as well as Suzuka. When it comes to sports that don’t involve an engine, he particularly likes ice hockey, cycling, tennis and even badminton. When he’s on the public highway, hard to believe, but he actually prefers the convenience of an automatic car. When he speaks in his own tongue, you can hear the soft “r” sound that he used to get embarrassed about a bit when he was a kid. He’s not a foodie, but he is happy to eat pasta, chicken and, given his nationality, even reindeer. One has to say, he’ll have trouble finding much of that in Maranello.

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