Malaysian GP

Kuala Lumpur


Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur

Home to every Malaysian GP, this circuit is 5.543 km in length and is one of the favourites among the drivers, who enjoy tackling its high speed corners. The track is wide, meaning there are various possible lines, as in the esses that make up the first two turns. Usually, this is one of the most arduous races for the drivers, because of the suffocating heat and humidity, typical of this part of the world. Malaysia is also well known for torrential downpours that usually hit the track in the late afternoon. Scuderia Ferrari has won six times here, the first with Eddie Irvine in 1999, then three wins for Michael Schumacher and one each for Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso.

The first corner
Immediately after the start-finish line, there’s the downhill esses where it’s possible to try and pass. There’s more than one line through this section and there’s a risk of a collision, as happened here last year when Kimi Raikkonen was hit by Kevin Magnussen.

The last corner
You arrive here after a straight where DRS can be used and that makes life even more complicated under braking. Coming out of the final hairpin slowly can lose you a place at the first corner.

Malaysian Grand Prix in numbers

Sepang International Circuit Historic Standings from 1999
Race wins
Pole Positions
Fastest Laps
The Track


Max speed



Circuit length
5.543 m
Lap record
J.P.Montoya 2004
1999 Irvine F399
2000 Schumacher F1-2000
2001 Schumacher F2001
2004 Schumacher F2004
2008 Raikkonen F2008
2012 Alonso F2012
2015 Vettel SF15-T
1999 Schumacher F399
2000 Schumacher F1-2000
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Barrichello F2002
2004 Schumacher F2004
2007 Massa F2007
2008 Massa F2008
1999 Schumacher F399
2003 Schumacher F2003-GA
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