Scuderia Ferrari - Sebastian Vettel’s Christmas

21 Dec 2015

“After so many hotels, finally at home!”

Maranello, 21 December – Just before leaving the Scuderia headquarters for his well-deserved Christmas break, Sebastian Vettel talks about expectations for 2016 and takes stock of his first season with Ferrari.

Our President said on Monday that the whole team must up its game in 2016. How does it translate for you, what do you think you can do to improve?

Well, we want to be competitive next year against Mercedes, so I won’t go into details and tell our secrets. The fact is that we have to improve in a lot of areas, aero, engine etc. but I think the results of this season have shown that we are on the right path, so now we just have to focus on ourselves.

You’ve just finished your first season with the Scuderia Ferrari: what did surprise you most this year?

Well, I would say the final result of the Team. I wasn’t expecting such a strong season with Ferrari this year.

Meanwhile, though, you are going to enjoy some Christmas break. What do think you’ll be doing over these days?

The winter break is short, and being in hotels most of the time I will just enjoy some time at home, where I can relax, and spend time with my family and friends.

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