Hungarian Grand Prix - Budapest, 07/28/2013

Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungaroring, Budapest

So far 27 editions have been held of the Hungarian GP, all on the Hungaroring just outside of Budapest. The first race, held in 1986, was an exciting event, because it was the only Formula One race held behind the so called Iron Curtain. The track, located and planned in a natural, rolling landscape, allows spectators to have an excellent view of almost the entire track. The Hungaroring is also the “slowest” of the whole season (the exception being the Monaco city circuit). There are corners with low and medium speed in quick succession actually without a proper straight apart from the home straight. These characteristics demand a set up for high aerodynamic load. The high temperatures, reaching over 50° Celsius inside the cockpit and the dirty surface next to the racing line make the drivers’ life even more difficult.

Keep an eye on
It’s the nature of the track, which makes overtaking almost impossible. More often than not the race turns into a procession. Only at corner no.1, after the home straight with its just over 700 metres, the drivers can try to overtake. To build up enough speed it’s fundamental to get the last corner right, where following the single-seater in front too close translates into a loss of aerodynamic load and therefore speed while exiting.

Did you know that
The Scuderia celebrated five victories on the Hungaroring, some of them really memorable in the history of Formula One: in 1989 Nigel Mansell conquered victory starting from 12th position, overtaking the leader Senna and a lapped car at the same time. In 1998 a genius change of strategy midway through the race, decided at the pitwall, with a third pit stop, took Michael Schumacher on the highest step of the podium. Then, in 2001, the victory of the German driver enabled the Ferrarista to conquer the Driver’s Title with several races to go in the Championship. A dramatic qualifying happened in 2009, when Felipe Massa was hit on his helmet by a spring, which came off the Brawn of ex-Ferrarista Barrichello. Massa suffered a skull fracture and concussion.

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  • Victories

    1. 1989 Mansell F1-89
    2. 1998 Schumacher F300
    3. 2001 Schumacher F2001
    4. 2002 Barrichello F2002
    5. 2004 Schumacher F2004
  • Pole Positions

    1. 1996 Schumacher F310
    2. 1997 Schumacher F310 B
    3. 2000 Schumacher F1-2000
    4. 2001 Schumacher F2001
    5. 2002 Schumacher F2002
    6. 2004 Schumacher F2004
    7. 2005 Schumacher F2005
  • Race best laps

    1. 1989 Mansell F1-89
    2. 1998 Schumacher F300
    3. 2002 Barrichello F2002
    4. 2004 Schumacher F2004
    5. 2006 Massa 248 F1
    6. 2007 Raikkonen F2007
    7. 2008 Raikkonen F2008
    8. 2011 Massa Ferrari 150° Italia
  • Podiums

    1. First place 5 times
    2. Second place 8 times
    3. Third place 5 times
  • Hall of Honours

    1. 1986 N. Piquet WILLIAMS-HONDA
    2. 1987 N. Piquet WILLIAMS-HONDA
    3. 1988 A. Senna MCLAREN-HONDA
    4. 1989 N. Mansell FERRARI
    5. 1990 T. Boutsen WILLIAMS-RENAULT
    6. 1991 A. Senna MCLAREN-HONDA
    7. 1992 A. Senna MCLAREN-HONDA
    8. 1993 D. Hill WILLIAMS-RENAULT
    9. 1994 M. Schumacher BENETTON-FORD
    10. 1995 D. Hill WILLIAMS-RENAULT
    11. 1996 J. Villeneuve WILLIAMS-RENAULT
    12. 1997 J. Villeneuve WILLIAMS-RENAULT
    13. 1998 M. Schumacher FERRARI
    14. 1999 M. HakkinenMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    15. 2000 M. Hakkinen MCLAREN-MERCEDES
    16. 2001 M. Schumacher FERRARI
    17. 2002 R. Barrichello FERRARI
    18. 2003 F. Alonso RENAULT
    19. 2004 M. Schumacher FERRARI
    20. 2005 K. RaikkonenMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    21. 2006 J. Button HONDA
    22. 2007 L. Hamilton MCLAREN-MERCEDES
    23. 2008 H. Kovalainen MCLAREN-MERCEDES
    24. 2009 L. Hamilton MCLAREN-MERCEDES
    25. 2010 M. Webber RED BULL-RENAULT
    26. 2011 J. ButtonMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    27. 2012 L. Hamilton MCLAREN-MERCEDES

Updated at the end of season 2012

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Wallpaper - Hungarian GP, free practice 2013

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Wallpaper - Hungarian GP, qualifying 2013

Wallpaper - Hungarian GP, qualifying 2013

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Wallpaper - Hungarian GP, race 2013

Wallpaper - Hungarian GP, race 2013

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Wallpaper – Hungarian GP 2013

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