Monaco Grand Prix - Monte Carlo, 05/26/2013

Monaco Grand Prix

Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo

The most glamorous and fascinating race on a track on the narrow and windy streets of the Principality, which might be probably considered anachronistic compared to today’s standards in Formula One. Together with the 500 Miles of Indianapolis and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monaco GP, held for the first time in 1929, is considered to be one of the three most famous motorsport events in the world. With an average speed of 160 km/h this track is the “slowest” of the entire season and the driver-car-equation is disturbed by the human factor: here, more than on any other track, the driver can make the difference, “dancing” around the blind corners and walls. Total concentration is required: the smallest mistake can cost a high price, also due to the complete absence of run-off areas. Safety has been improved over the years, while the track’s layout has stayed almost the same. For the teams Monte Carlo is one of the biggest challenges in terms of logistics: only since 2004 the teams have boxes, where they can actually work on the cars. In the past the mechanics worked on the cars in tents, where today the paddock sits. The cars were then towed to pitlane for every session. In Monaco you can’t find a proper podium for the winners. The first three drivers receive their trophies on the steps in front of the Prince’s box from the hands of one of Monaco’s aristocratic family.

Keep an eye on
It’s true that the Grand Hotel Hairpin is the slowest bend in the Championship with 47 km/h, but at the exit of the tunnel’s corner the cars reach 290 km/h before they brake for the Nouvelle Chicane. The passage at the Piscine is very spectacular, where the cars take the kerbs with over 200 km/h. A small mistake here is enough to end up at the barriers.

Did you know that
Since the F1 Championship started in 1950, the Scuderia Ferrari can’t say that Monaco is part of the most victorious participations in the team’s history. From 8 victories of the team from Maranello in the Principality the last was in 2001 with Schumacher crossing the line first for the third time behind the wheel of a Ferrari after the successes in 1999 and 1997. Before that, the last trophy for first place in Monaco was brought to Maranello by Gilles Villeneuve in 1981. It was the first time that a single-seater fitted with a turbo engine won on the streets of the Principality. In 1975 Niki Lauda won in Monaco, with the first victory for the Scuderia after the triumph of Maurice Trintignant in 1955. However the Scuderia gained a total of 48 places on the podium, the last in the years 2011 and 2012, with a second and a third place respectively by Fernando Alonso.

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  • Victories

    1. 1955 Trintignant625 F1
    2. 1975 Lauda312 T
    3. 1976 Lauda312 T2
    4. 1979 Scheckter312 T4
    5. 1981 Villeneuve126 CK
    6. 1997 SchumacherF310 B
    7. 1999 SchumacherF399
    8. 2001 SchumacherF2001
  • Pole Positions

    1. 1956 FangioD50
    2. 1974 Lauda312 B3-1974
    3. 1975 Lauda312 T
    4. 1976 Lauda312 T2
    5. 1978 Reutemann312 T3
    6. 1979 Scheckter312 T4
    7. 1996 SchumacherF310
    8. 2000 SchumacherF1-2000
    9. 2008 MassaF2008
  • Race best laps

    1. 1956 FangioD50
    2. 1958 Hawthorn246 F1
    3. 1961 Ginther156 F1
    4. 1963 Surtees156 F1-63
    5. 1966 Bandini246 F1-66
    6. 1976 Regazzoni312 T
    7. 1985 Alboreto156/85
    8. 1991 ProstF1-91
    9. 1997 SchumacherF310 B
    10. 2002 BarrichelloF2002
    11. 2004 SchumacherF2004
    12. 2005 SchumacherF2005
    13. 2006 Schumacher248 F1
    14. 2008 RaikkonenF2008
    15. 2009 MassaF60
  • Podiums

    1. First place:8 times
    2. Second place:18 times
    3. Third place:21 times
  • Hall of Honours

    1. 1950 J. M. FangioALFA ROMEO
    2. 1955 M. TrintignantFERRARI
    3. 1956 S. MossMASERATI
    4. 1957 J. M. FangioMASERATI
    5. 1958 M. TrintignantCOOPER-CLIMAX
    6. 1959 J. BrabhamCOOPER-CLIMAX
    7. 1960 S. MossLOTUS-CLIMAX
    8. 1961 S. MossLOTUS-CLIMAX
    9. 1962 B. McLarenCOOPER-CLIMAX
    10. 1963 G. HillBRM
    11. 1964 G. HillBRM
    12. 1965 G. HillBRM
    13. 1966 J. StewartBRM
    14. 1967 D. HulmeBRAHAM-REPCO
    15. 1968 G. HillLOTUS-FORD
    16. 1969 G. HillLOTUS-FORD
    17. 1970 J. RindtLOTUS-FORD
    18. 1971 J. StewartTYRRELL-FORD
    19. 1972 J-P. BeltoiseBRM
    20. 1973 J. StewartTYRRELL-FORD
    21. 1974 R. PetersonLOTUS-FORD
    22. 1975 N. LaudaFERRARI
    23. 1976 N. LaudaFERRARI
    24. 1977 J. ScheckterWOLF-FORD
    25. 1978 P. DepaillerTYRRELL-FORD
    26. 1979 J. ScheckterFERRARI
    27. 1980 C. ReutemannWILLIAMS-FORD
    28. 1981 G. VilleneuveFERRARI
    29. 1982 R. PatreseBRABHAM-FORD
    30. 1983 K. RosbergWILLIAMS-FORD
    31. 1984 A. ProstMCLAREN-PORSCHE
    32. 1985 A. ProstMCLAREN-PORSCHE
    33. 1986 A. ProstMCLAREN-PORSCHE
    34. 1987 A. SennaLOTUS-HONDA
    35. 1988 A. ProstMCLAREN-HONDA
    36. 1989 A. SennaMCLAREN-HONDA
    37. 1990 A. SennaMCLAREN-HONDA
    38. 1991 A. SennaMCLAREN-HONDA
    39. 1992 A. SennaMCLAREN-HONDA
    40. 1993 A. SennaMCLAREN-HONDA
    41. 1994 M. SchumacherBENETTON-FORD
    42. 1995 M. SchumacherBENETTON-FORD
    43. 1996 O. PanisLIGIER-MUGEN-HONDA
    44. 1997 M. SchumacherFERRARI
    45. 1998 M. HakkinenMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    46. 1999 M. SchumacherFERRARI
    47. 2000 D. CoulthardMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    48. 2001 M. SchumacherFERRARI
    49. 2002 D. CoulthardMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    50. 2003 J. P. MontoyaBMW-WILLIAMS
    51. 2004 J. TrulliRENAULT
    52. 2005 K. RaikkonenMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    53. 2006 F. AlonsoRENAULT
    54. 2007 F. AlonsoMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    55. 2008 L. HamiltonMCLAREN-MERCEDES
    56. 2009 J. ButtonBRAWN GP-MERCEDES
    57. 2010 M. WebberRED BULL-RENAULT
    58. 2011 S. VettelRED BULL-RENAULT
    59. 2012 M. WebberRED BULL-RENAULT

Updated at the end of season 2012

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