Singapore Grand Prix - Marina Bay, 09/21/2014

Singapore Grand Prix

Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore

The Singapore Grand Prix has been part of the race calendar since the year 2008 and is the only race in the Championship, which is completely held at night. It is a spectacular event with the single-seaters racing on the city streets of Marina Bay, illuminated by 1,600 projectors (with a luminous power of around 3,000 lux). The track is 5,073 metres long and offers 23 corners. Out of these, 21 are taken in first, second or third gear. Therefore the average speed is quite low with around 170 km/h. Meanwhile, the surface is not only rough but also doesn’t offer much grip. Therefore the technical key features of the single-seater have to be high aerodynamic load, good braking stability and the highest possible level regarding traction for the 61 laps of the Grand Prix, which arrives at the regulations’ limit of two hours of racing. The constantly high humidity makes things even more difficult for drivers and teams. Considering that work at the paddock starts in the late afternoon and goes on until the early hours of the morning, the Circus remains faithful to the time difference with Europe. That’s why the teams’ men and women sleep from 4 in the morning until noon.

Keep an eye on
The Memorial Corner, is a 90-degree left-hand bend and can be found on the fastest part of the track, where the single-seaters 290 km/h. Here drivers have the best possibility to overtake, but to conclude the manoeuvre the driver has to have the right speed impetus: the key to success can be found in the exit of the rough corner no.5.

Did you know that
2010 was the most successful year for the Scuderia at the Singapore GP: Fernando Alonso, behind the wheel of the F2012, performed a hat trick with pole position, fastest race lap and victory. It was the only win on this track for the Prancing Horse so far. The 2008 edition of the race was heavily disputed, triggering the famous “crashgate case in the following year: with Felipe Massa leading the race, the Safety Car came out after an accident by Nelson Piquet, which completely changed the cards in the race. The Brazilian driver came in for a pit stop and the “stop” lollypop was taken away, while the fuel hose was still attached to his car. The time to remove the hose and the penalty for “dangerous start” translated into zero points for Massa, while he was fighting for the World Title with Hamilton.

  • Victories

    1. 2010 Alonso F10
  • Pole Positions

    1. 2008 Massa F2008
    2. 2010 Alonso F10
  • Race best laps

    1. 2008 Raikkonen F2008
    2. 2010 AlonsoF10
  • Podiums

    1. First place 1 time
    2. Second place 1 time
    3. Third place 1 time
  • Hall of Honours

    1. 2008 F. Alonso RENAULT
    2. 2009 L. Hamilton MCLAREN-MERCEDES
    3. 2010 F. Alonso FERRARI
    4. 2011 S. Vettel RED BULL-RENAULT
    5. 2012 S. Vettel RED BULL-RENAULT
    6. 2013 S. Vettel RED BULL-RENAULT

Updated at the end of season 2013