#ForzaMichael! –  24 February

#ForzaMichael! – 24 February

Also the fans can send their messages on Facebook/Scuderia Ferrari and Twitter #forzamichael

Maranello, 24 February – Following Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident, there have been a great many messages of affection sent to him. Day after day they arrive from those who shared time and worked with him over the eleven years he drove for Ferrari, as well as from the Ferrari fans from around the world who have always supported him.

Actions, words and thoughts that show just how important Michael is within the very heart of those who love and live for Ferrari and how important a role he has played in the history of the Prancing Horse. We therefore decided to gather together all these messages through the Scuderia’s Twitter and Facebook pages and to publish some of them on a special bulletin board.

Francesco Cigarini (Electrical technician,) 24 February –Michael, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, of what you have done, at the tension that existed the first time we worked together and the delight in discovering what you are really like, a strong man, which is clear to see from your smile and from the determined and sincere look in your eyes. That man taught me so many things that are still within me and now I give you back the strength you gave me, in expectation of meeting you again. Forza Michael!

Settantadue volte #ForzaMichael!

72 times #ForzaMichael!

Maranello, 29 March - Seventy two messages, one for each of Michael Schumacher’s victories in red, were run over the same number of days…
#ForzaMichael! – 28 March

#ForzaMichael! – 28 March

Rory Byrne (Engineer), 28 March – Hi Michael, many, many people in the world know what a great Champion you are, with tremendous skill…
#ForzaMichael! – 27 March

#ForzaMichael! – 27 March

Salvatore Gala (Fan,) 27 March – One more overtaking move at the end of this tricky corner. You can do it, come on!