It happened today – 17 August

On 17th August 1952, Alberto Ascari won the Dutch Grand Prix. Two weeks earlier at the Nurburgring, the Italian had ensured he would take the first of his two world titles, but the will to win still burned strongly. Pole position, in the lead from the first to the ninetieth lap, fastest race lap, nothing could get in the way of Ascari’s dominance and that of the 500 F2, given that behind the newly crowned champion came his team-mates Farina and Villoresi. The Ferrari trio were the only drivers to complete the full race distance, with fourth placed Mike Hawthorn and his Cooper-Bristol coming in two laps down.

This race was the first Dutch Grand Prix to count for the World Championship: there would be a further 29, seven of them won by a driver at the wheel of a Ferrari.

It happened today

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It happened today

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