It happened today – 19 February

It happened today – 19 February

A year ago today, Ferrari announced it had signed a sponsorship agreement with UPS, the biggest transport and logistics company in the world, marking the contract on track with senior management from the American company and Fernando Alonso. At the Barcelona circuit, just before the first day of the second 2013 pre-season test session, the logo was revealed on the sides of the F138 to signal the start of a significant long term agreement.

Today, UPS continues to sponsor the Formula 1 team, integrating its transport services with the team’s movements, but it has also extended the partnership to some of the Corse Clienti activities, such as its participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship and the European series of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.

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On 22nd July 1972, the Watkins Glen circuit staged the eponymous 6 Hours race, as the last round of the World Championship for Marques.
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