It happened today – 31 January

On 31st January last year, it was announced that Scuderia Ferrari had reached a sponsorship agreement with Weichai Power, one of China’s leading producers of mechanical components for heavy industrial vehicles. The agreement was for four years, lasting to the end of the 2016 race season.

Weichai Power, which is part of the Weichai Group was the Scuderia’s first sponsor emanating from China, where Ferrari has been present for over twenty years. It has now become one of the main markets for the Prancing Horse road cars.

It happened today – 18 april

It happened today – 18 april

On 18th April 1959, the Aintree 200 Miles race was held in England, as a non-championship event, run over 67 laps of the 4.828…
It happened today

It happened today – 17 april

On 17th April 1971, qualifying took place for the Spanish Grand Prix. It was a very closely contested session, with the Belgian Ferrari driver…