Alonso’s exhortation

Alonso’s exhortation

Maranello, 14 December – “It’s never easy coming second, but we must look ahead.” These were Fernando Alonso’s words of exhortation in a brief speech to all the staff of the Gestione Sportiva at the traditional Christmas lunch. “Everyone always expects a lot from us,” he continued, speaking to his number one fans. “Next year, we will try to do better and I know you are working very hard. There are new rules and extra work for all of you, but you can count on maximum effort from us in terms of our physical and mental preparation to be in 100% shape in March for the opening race. We face an important time ahead and so, Forza Ferrari!” After a day on the simulator yesterday, Fernando will spend the night in Maranello, before another day of virtual driving tomorrow, as he continues to familiarise himself with the new procedures and to spend more time sharing ideas with his engineers.

Singapore GP - A living sculpture

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Singapore GP - Into the night

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