Pat Fry

Australian GP – Pat Fry: “We must continue to improve”

Pat Fry: “In the morning, qualifying was very tough as it was vital to choose the right tyre at the most opportune moment and we managed it without too much hesitation. It was not easy understanding what was the real gap to the front runners, as in some conditions it is not always clear. This afternoon, we had a good race pace and both drivers performed well without making any mistakes. But we are aware that we still have a lot of work to do if we want to continue to improve. Maybe we could have risked a two stop strategy, but given the unknowns linked to tyre degradation, we preferred not to do that. In the next races, it will be vital to understand the tyre behaviour, in order to choose the best strategies”.

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso

Cool heads in Melbourne

Melbourne, 18 March –At last, a start that lived up to expectations. After some less than favourable debuts at the Australian Grand Prix