Challenge in Brno – 19 May 2013

For the first time in the Czech Republic four members of the Scuderia Ferrari community have experienced an exciting day as guests of Ferrari at the hospitality area and the drivers’ garages, with the fantastic 458 Challenge and the professional and client drivers behind the wheels of the 8-cylinders.

In the morning the Scuderia Ferrari members – Tadeas, Vladimir, Jiri, Ladislav – have been welcomed by the staff, followed by a garage tour, visiting all the present teams. The hot laps are the most exciting oportunity of the day: a lap on the track on board of 458 next to a professional driver.

In the afternoon the races have been held, watched by the guests at the TV compound, accompanied by Ferrari staff.
The impressions from the group of Guests have been enthusiastic: “It’s been one of the most beautiful days of my life, the hotlap just a dream come true. Who works in the TV production really has got a thousand eyes! Everybody has been very kind. Thanks Ferrari, Thanks a lot for making us live such an extraordinary experience”.

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