Raffaele Marciello

FDA – Marciello: “I will come back to Macau to win”

Raffaele Marciello took eighth place in the last race that rounded off the 30th edition of the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix. After a strong start, “Lello” fought for lap after lap without making any errors. The race was twice interrupted by the Safety Car, which effectively brought the end of the race forward by three laps.

“When the lights went out I got away well,” explained Marciello after the race. “I made my way up from 11th place to 7th under braking for the first corner. Then the race was held up by a long period behind the Safety Car and when we got going again I wanted to make up further places at all costs. Under braking I tried to go wide but I didn’t want to end up in a wall by taking excessive risks. On several occasions I got alongside other cars but the best I could do was to get halfway past and I never had a real chance to overtake.”Raffaele concluded: “When there were four laps left I lost a position in the battle but unfortunately the last three laps were again cancelled out by the Safety Car and I could do nothing to improve my 8th place. Overall this Macau has been a nice experience. I’ve had the chance to drive on a fantastic and extremely technical track. I’ve paid for my lack of experience, for example in how to get the most out of the brakes, but I’m ready to return next year to win.”

The Macau race signals the end of the long 2012 season of European and International Formula 3. But for Marciello his on-track act.

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