Ferrari passion in the rain

Ferrari Challenge in Imola – 29 September

Ferrari passion in the rain

A rainy day in Imola and four people, who don’t know each other, with completely different lives, but all of them with an immense passion for the same thing: Ferrari.

When you then introduce them to people, who explain the 458 Challenge, take them onto a wet track, discover the paddock and the behind-the-scenes of this great racing show with all the exceptional cars, then you create an unforgettable day and make 4 friends, who had enormous fun, experiencing and expressing their passion for Ferrari.

Marco, Roberto, Simone and Marco had an exciting day at the paddock in Imola since the early morning on Sunday with exclusive appointments: a visit at the Challenge garage – just before the race Championship race – with the mechanics at work, the races from the TV compound with all the TV cameras rolling and last but not least an exciting lap with the 458.

They also discovered the new 458 Speciale, presented in a special event on the track, and shared some novelties in a new atmosphere, which nevertheless was immediately familiar to the guests, completing the eventful day with Ferrari.

“Fantastic”, “an incredible emotion”, “like an engineer, magnificent”, “impressive!”: these are some comments made by our friends at the end of the day. In their everyday lives they work with tyres, at desks and with calculators, but thanks to their Scuderia Ferrari membership this special day enabled them to experience a different point of view of a dream they will continue to cultivate!