Ferrari pone voz a los aficionados

Ferrari gives the fans their say

Maranello, 20 March – The first GP of the 2014 season has taken place, with the cars born out of the new regulations. And the immediate question is, do you like the new Formula 1? Ferrari has invited fans to have their say, launching a survey on the subject on

And if the survey is not enough, has also set up a further line of communication on Twitter. Fans will be able to give their opinion on topics such as the new rules, the sound of the engines, the fuel limits and the general show, using the hashtag #FerrariFanSurvey.

Ferrari fans have already proved to be good judges of Formula 1, as previous polls relating to the Australian Grand Prix have shown, when they were asked to predict how many cars would finish the race.

Despite fears about the fragile reliability of the cars, over ten thousand fans voted, 70.17% of them saying there would be more than ten finishers. The most vociferous were Spanish speakers, (84%,) 70% Italians and 68% English.


Fans unhappy with the new Formula 1

Fans unhappy with the new Formula 1

Maranello, 3 April –The poll which began a few days ago on to sound out people’s opinion on the show put on by…