Giancarlo Fisichella, Nil Barkat

Ferrari on the streets of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, 18 March – Ferrari is to take to the streets of Jerusalem. A car from the Maranello team driven by Giancarlo Fisichella will take part in the first edition of the ‘Jerusalem Peace Road Show’ on June 13-14. This event is being organised with the backing of the city of Jerusalem and the support of Kaspersky Lab, one of the team’s most important partners. The announcement was made this morning during a press conference that took place in the Holy City with Mayor Nil Barkat and Fisichella himself, who made a special journey from Italy for this important event.

“It’s great to have the chance to drive a Formula 1 car on the streets of a city that is as fascinating and full of history as Jerusalem,” said Fisichella. “I’m sure the event will attract lots of people along the track – a genuine circuit that will wind up and down through the hills and that will at one point run next to the walls of the Old City. It will really be a unique and fascinating experience. I would like to thank Mayor Barkat for making this event possible and our sponsors Kaspersky Lab for bringing together the project and the Scuderia.”

Mayor Barkat added: “It will be a historic event to see a Formula 1 car with the background of the walls of Jerusalem. It will also be beneficial for the economy, tourism and the promotion of the city all over the world. Jerusalem has 5,000 years of history but it cannot and must not stand still, instead it must embrace the modern day. Ours is a city that is open to everyone and it is important to send a message of peace without any political meaning: we hope to have Jews, Arabs and Muslims all together to see this most beautiful display of motor sport up close.”

After Moscow, Rotterdam, Doha, Rio de Janeiro and other cities, a scarlet Ferrari Formula 1 car will thus be the star of a new city event, giving the chance both to fans and those who don’t know about motor sport to get closer to this world. Fisichella said: “Events like this are essential to increase the popularity of our sport. For us drivers it is clearly a different experience from racing because we don’t have the same pressure but it is still very interesting, partly because it allows us to get to know new countries. I’m especially happy about the fact that here we will have the chance to do a real, full lap (the track will be 2.4km long – Ed) instead of the usual straight-line run, which often takes place on occasions like this. I’m sure that it will be a great success: the public will have a lot of fun.”

Giancarlo Fisichella

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