Marc Gené

Gené and the F10 put on a show in Norway

Rudskogen, 14 September –Scuderia Ferrari’s Norwegian weekend got off to the best possible starts. Over 14,000 people packed in to the Rudskogen circuit this morning to watch Mark Gene put on a show in the F10, as the highlight of this year’s Motorfestival.

The Spaniard did two series of laps, ending with a handful of burn-outs which met with an enthusiastic reception from the spectators. “It’s the first time I’ve been to Norway and I’ve been given a very nice reception,” said Marc later. “As a driver, it’s always nice to see the crowd having fun. I didn’t know much about this track: I’d only seen a video of another Formula 1 car that had already run here and I have to say it’s really fun to drive a single-seater here! You don’t come across many tracks like this anymore: I’m struggling to imagine that Hermann Tilke designed it, given those that bear his name in Formula 1. Here, it’s as though you are on a rollercoaster: it’s a real pleasure to drive a single-seater here, because there are lots of external reference points like trees and the rocks, which make you realise how fast you are going, a bit like at Monza and also partly at Spa.

“I’ve never been to an event like this when, in the space of one afternoon, you can see so many different aspects of motorsport,” continued Marc. ‘There’s the racing side, the classic cars and the road going GT cars, such as the beautiful Ferraris that are here. There are racing motorbikes and cross bikes and then, the icing on the cake, the Scuderia with the F10: if one wants to spend a day surrounded by the noise of engines, then this is the place to come!”

Tomorrow, the programme is repeated, with two runs for Marc and the F10, hoping that the rain that began to fall at the end of today, stays away.

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