Marc Gené

Gené at the Shell Eco-Marathon: “A good chance to focus on the Earth”

Rotterdam, 16 May – The partnership between Shell and Ferrari is not just about petrol and oils but something more because the two companies share so many values – among them an interest in the ever more crucial theme of environmental sustainability.

This was clearly seen last week at Maranello at the Formula Ferrari event and today there was another signal with Marc Gené’s participation in the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe 2013, held this year in Rotterdam (in the Netherlands).

The event brings together teams of students from all over the world.

They take to the track in vehicles of very high energy efficiency that they have designed and produced entirely by themselves. The winning team is the one that covers the biggest distance using the least quantity of energy without dropping below an average speed of 25 km/h.

“It was great to meet the competing teams and to hear their stories about these projects that have kept them busy for a whole year,” said Marc. “What most struck me was their enthusiasm, but the level of technology and fine detail on the vehicles was also extraordinary. All the teams worked on the same concepts that we work on in Formula 1:

energy efficiency, aerodynamic efficiency and the use of composite materials. I think events like the Shell Eco-Marathon are extremely useful, not only to stimulate a future generation of engineers but also to offer young people the chance to proactively tackle these important themes linked to the sustainable development of the planet.”

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