Scuderia Ferrari

It happened today – 22nd July

On 22nd July last year, Fernando Alonso won the German Grand Prix. The Hockenheim victory was his third and last of the season, after those in Sepang and Valencia. Having started from pole, the Spaniard defended his position with aplomb, as he came under attack, first from Vettel and then Button, with the help of an F2012 that was on top form.

President Luca di Montezemolo had every reason to be proud at what was a win that came with no ifs or buts. “At Hockenheim, in the country that is home to some of the world’s major motor manufacturers and that has a great Formula 1 tradition, a Ferrari finished first on track, yesterday in the wet and today in the dry.” It was a particularly symbolic win, although more for reasons outside of racing: at a time when the Old Continent was still enduring one of the most critical phases of the economic crisis, winning at the home of the major German car companies in the European nation with the most solid economy was a car built in an Italian factory, designed by a Greek engineer and driven by a Spaniard…

Eddie Irvine, July 25th 1999, Zeltweg

It happened today – 25 July

On 25th July 1999, Eddie Irvine won the Austrian Grand Prix, held at the A1-Ring, near Zeltweg. It was the Northern Irish driver’s second…
Felipe Massa -  Fernando Alonso

It happened today – 24 July

On 24th July last year, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were on a visit to the Lower Modena region, which had twice been affected…
It happened today – 23nd July

It happened today – 23nd July

According to what was posted at the time, back in 2008 on the Maranello site, Michael Schumacher’s role in the development of the Ferrari…