Welcome for our friends with Gene and De La Rosa

Italian GP – Monza 6-8 September 2013

Race and exciting moments for the members on the grandstands in Monza

Monza, 8 September 2013 – For the members of the Scuderia Ferrari it was another exciting day in Monza, where today they followed the Grand Prix from the grandstand on the main straight.

Lots of excitement, listening to the engine sounds, watching the start of the GP from close up, supporting the Team with flags on the grandstand with people all sharing the same passion. All of this after the members had met the main players of the Scuderia over the last days and chatted to their idols.

The guests were not completely happy about the outcome of the race. Naturally they had hoped that a win would have been brought back from Monza to Maranello. Nevertheless the members enjoyed the race and showed their passion on every lap the Spanish and Brazilian Scuderia Ferrari drivers passed in front of the grandstand.

A truly unique occasion here in Monza, the participants confirmed. The membership is one of the most unique and exclusive ways to experience the Scuderia Ferrari first-hand online as well as offline.

In some days the video will be online to relive the exciting weekend the #SFMembers experienced in Monza.



Welcome for our friends with Gene and De La Rosa

Monza, 7 September 2013 – It seems impossible from the outside but once you get in contact with the people from the Scuderia the first impression is to be amongst friends.

This was the case when, after the qualifying with the Scuderia Ferrari in 4th and 5th position, the 8 invited members were welcomed on the Scuderia’s motorhome terrace. Marc Gene and Pedro de la Rosa, the Scuderia test drivers – Marc for many years and Pedro for his first year – answered questions and explained their work.

The members, a little bit stunned, asked about their work with the simulator and on the track, as well as about their role regarding components for the single-seater.

When Massimo Rivola, Sporting Director of the Scuderia, arrived, he took over the role of an anchorman during the special meeting. He asked some questions, interesting for the fans, and wanted them to support the team, especially here in Monza at he home race.

At the end of the aperitif some photos were taken of this unforgettable moment with the incredible atmosphere at the paddock seen from above, on top of all the other motorhomes.

Today the race will be held and our friends are ready to shout for our Team with all their passion!



A wonderful walk through the garage and on the pit lane

It was the second day for the guests at the exclusive event organized for the members of the Scuderia Ferrari in Monza and it was another special one.

For the first free practice session they all met on the grandstand to comment the lap times and trying to understand the weekend’s balance of power. Later on they went to the paddock for a walk, which ended with a pit walk tour. Here they visited the pit lane, watching the mechanics at work from close up during the free practice sessions. They even got close to Fernando’s and Felipe’s F138s for some photos. As usual there was a massive crowd in front of the Scuderia Ferrari box, while the numerous fans were enthusiastic for the team and the possibility to get that close. In the afternoon the guests followed the second free practice session again from the grandstand, while tomorrow’s programme will be very intense with tension rising for an exciting race on Sunday. Forza Ferrari!



The magnificent seven at Monza for a special weekend

Monza, 6 September – This is a really special weekend for seven members of the Scuderia Ferrari community, as they are guests of the team here in Monza. They are a varied group, with the likes of community veteran Massimo Asnaghi, who lives in Milan and is an aficionado of the Italian Grand Prix, while another, Marco Rossi is spending the weekend in a tent on a campsite inside the Park and all of them are living an unforgettable experience.

They spent all of yesterday in the paddock at the circuit where they were able to meet their heroes, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa and many other members of the Scuderia, from Stefano Domenicali to Pat Fry, from Massimo Rivola to Pedro de la Rosa. They got the chance to visit the garage, the motorhomes and learn something about the organisational and technical aspects, although the highlight was definitely the meeting with Felipe and Fernando, who signed the Italian flag which the “magnificent seven” have brought with them, ready to be unfurled and waved from the grandstand over the rest of the weekend.

The day ended with a visit to the Scuderia Ferrari Club stand set up at Monza, where they had a go on the Ferrari Virtual Academy simulator: as from today, the ear plugs are coming out, as it’s time for the engines to fire up!



The Italian Grand Prix is the event par excellence, where Ferrari fans come to the Scuderia to support the team in the home race.
The Scuderia Ferrari Members, the official fans, can’t miss this event and this year there’s even more for them. 8 of them will be chosen to watch the race in Monza from the grandstand and enjoy an exclusive treatment: pit walk tour, visit of the Scuderia Ferrari garage and a meeting with Fernando and Felipe!
Are you Member? Then you could be one of the lucky ones. If not, then subscribe now and don’t miss the occasion to experience the GP together with the Scuderia Ferrari!

Here’s the programme of the fantastic weekend ahead for our 8 Members together with the Scuderia Ferrari:

Thursday, 5 September

4pm: pit walk for ticket holders
5:30pm: meeting with Fernando and Felipe at the Scuderia Ferrari box. Garage tour
6:30pm: Monza city centre: visit of the Ferrari Virtual Academy simulator, interviews

Friday, 6 September

10am meeting on the grandstand to watch the first free practice session
TBA: pit walk tour


Saturday, 7 September

11am: meeting on the grandstand to watch the third free practice session
2pm: qualifying watched from the grandstand
6pm: aperitif at the paddock with Marc Gene and/or Pedro de La Rosa, the Scuderia Ferrari test drivers

Sunday, 8 September

10am: meeting on the grandstand to watch the drivers’ parade
2pm: Italian Grand Prix 2013

Here are the nicknames of our Members, who will participate in this extraordinary experience:

- tuning.max.18
- colpino
- Marco M.
- testarossaitalian
- dzella
- br1tunice
- lufus
- gatula

Stay tuned for the updates, the photos and the final video, which will be posted in this section as well as on Facebook/ScuderiaFerrari and on #SFMembers

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