Japanese GP - Massa: “I can bring a lot to a team”

Japanese GP – Massa: “I can bring a lot to a team”

Suzuka, 10 October – All sportsmen are born optimists and as Felipe Massa’s time with Ferrari comes to an end, the Brazilian told the media at his regular Thursday press meeting, here in a very hot and humid Suzuka paddock, that he still thinks about winning a race before the end of the year. “It’s a dream but anything is possible,” affirmed the Brazilian. “Anything is possible in this job: how many times have we seen a guy win a race without being in the best car. You never give up hope and I will try to get one more victory.” However, Felipe didn’t feel a win was essential to boost his cv as he talks to other teams about his future. “I think my experience matters more,” he said. “Everyone knows what I can bring to a team, especially at a time when everything will start from zero with new rules and I think I can bring a lot to a team.”

There are still four more rounds before we get to the Paulista’s home race, but the media are already quizzing him about what is bound to be a very emotional weekend. “It’s always very emotional for a Brazilian, but even more so in your last race for Ferrari,” he said. “I hope I can have a great race and a great result, but before then, I hope we can go well in all these last races.”

As to how Felipe will tackle the remaining race, one words sums up his attitude: aggression. “I will take an aggressive approach.” he said. “I did that in the last race, but unfortunately it didn’t pay off as I spun. But you need to take risks and I will keep trying.” As for the 2014 season and the new rule changes, Felipe shares concerns that the need to save fuel could turn races into an “economy run.” “Yes, it could be very frustrating to have to save fuel,” he agreed with the questioner. “Everything will be different, from the way you have to drive, the way you race and manage the car and how you use the fuel. I just hope it can be interesting to watch for the spectators and viewers and that it can also be interesting for the drivers. But we shouldn’t complain about something before we know how it’s going to be.”

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