Felipe Massa

Malaysian GP – A question of chemistry

Sepang, 21 March – Felipe Massa’s Malaysian Thursday started off with him dressed up as chemist, when he was the guest of honour at a reception organised by Shell in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The Brazilian is here for the second round of the Formula 1 World Championship and providing the backdrop for a meeting with local fans and the media was a reconstruction of a chemical laboratory, where Massa, helped by Shell engineers, produced a fruit cocktail. The ingredients of the cocktail were a symbolic representation of the components of Shell’s V-Power fuel, which was created especially for Formula 1 use. Fuel is an area of the sport where research and development have become ever more important, as Felipe explained to the guests, stressing the fact this was even more the case since conventional engine development was banned in the sport’s regulations.

Fernando Alonso

Looking past the numbers

Maranello, 25 March – Five points just don’t explain it. The difference from the 35 points collected in 2012 to the 40 we have…