Marmorini at the Shell Eco-Marathon: “From 2014, the winner will be whoever recovers the most”

Rotterdam, 17 May –Over three hundred students took part today in a masterclass organised as part of the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe, a training project about sustainable mobility and alternative energy, held for the second year running in Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena. Students were invited to design and build high energy efficient vehicles to compete against one another. This special event meant they had the opportunity to meet Luca Marmorini, the Head of Engines and Electronics at Scuderia Ferrari. Marmorini’s main topic was an in-depth look at the Formula 1 rule changes that will come into force for 2014. “Efficiency, which is already important today, will play a central role in Formula 1 as from next year. Engines must last longer and use less fuel and along with a sophisticated ERS (Energy Recovery System,) these will all be key factors in a sport where the winner will be whoever manages to recover the most energy in the most efficient way.
“I can’t see much difference between the technology and materials used to produce these vehicles and the modern Formula 1 cars and I am extremely impressed by the enthusiasm I have seen here,” continued Marmorini. “There is no better training than to work together to share so many clear goals,” added the Scuderia engineer, who prior to leaving the event, spent a long time in the paddock where the students were working on their creations entered in the competition, of which the winners will be decided on Sunday.

  • Published on: 05/17/2013
  • Categories: News