Fernando Alonso

In pursuit of number three

According to the well known saying, there is no two without three, meaning that if something happens twice, maybe in quick succession, then it will probably happen a third time. So the chances of Ferrari getting a third consecutive podium finish in the third edition of the Indian Grand Prix, is to a certain extent corroborated by superstition, even if of course, that counts for absolutely nothing. The two previous podium finishes can be attributed to the talents of Fernando Alonso. He came third in 2011 and second last year, curiously on both occasions, just ahead of Webber, even though his car was not up to the level of the competition.

In the inaugural race, Vettel and Button finished ahead of Fernando, while in 2012, only the German managed to get ahead of the Spaniard. Felipe Massa’s record is less noteworthy, with a sixth in 2012, having been forced to retire the previous year, with a broken front left suspension.

In qualifying, the two Ferrari men have always ended up between fourth (Alonso in 2011) and sixth places (Felipe both times) even if in the first year, Fernando started from third, as Hamilton had to take a grid penalty.

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