Fernando Alonso

Spanish GP – Alonso triumphs at home, with Massa third

Montmelo, 12 May – Scuderia Ferrari secured an excellent first and third place finish in the Spanish Grand Prix at the Catalunya circuit this afternoon. Fernando Alonso completed the 66 laps with a perfectly executed four stop strategy managed from the pit wall. After the last of his stops on lap 49, he managed to maintain the lead as he came out of pit lane and then comfortably controlled the remaining 17 laps that separated him from a triumphant arrival at the chequered flag. A great day for the Scuderia was completed by a valuable third place for Massa. The Brazilian was also on a four stopper, which proved to be the perfect match for the speed characteristics of the F138. Second place went to Kimi Raikkonen while, in the championship, Alonso is now third, 17 points down on the leader Sebastian Vettel. Massa is up to fifth on 45 points.


Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
ALONSO 1st 1:39.16.596 - 66 1.26.681 53
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 9 New Hard
2nd stop Lap 21 New Hard
3rd stop Lap  36 Used Medium
4th stop Lap  49 New Hard
MASSA 3rd 1:39.42.645 + 26.049 667..111 1.26.394 56
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 8 New Hard
2nd stop Lap  20 New Hard
3rd stop Lap  36 Used Medium
4th stop Lap  51 New Hard

Weather: air 20/21 °C, track 35/38 °C. Sunny