Giulio Borsari

Surtees remembers Borsari

Maranello, 29 March –John Surtees was particularly close to Giulio Borsari, the long time Formula 1 mechanic, who died yesterday at the age of 88. Giulio was the team’s chief mechanic when John won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1964 at the wheel of the 158 F1. We asked the English driver for a few words about his Italian friend.

“It was a sad and bleak day, when I walked into Worth Abbey for my son Harry’s funeral service,” Surtees told “The only bit of light to pierce the darkness at that moment was when I saw Giulio Borsari standing there. My time with Ferrari was characterised by highs and lows, but as Enzo Ferrari told me shortly before his death, we must remember the good things and not the mistakes. I remember Giulio with great affection and gratitude for being such a great help to me both in the good times and the bad and for knowing how to express that special emotion you can only find in Italy, when we scored our victories together.”

Giulio and John met one last time on 29 June 2011 at Fiorano, at a promotional event organised by Shell. With them was Fernando Alonso, who spent a long time talking with both men: it was a very significant moment, bringing together Scuderia Ferrari’s past and its present.

Home race for Scuderia Ferrari

Home race for Scuderia Ferrari

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John Surtees

Meeting of legends at Goodwood

Goodwood, 29 June –Today at Goodwood Festival of Speed was one to remember with Scuderia Ferrari and Shell very much centre stage.