A trip with unscheduled excitement for F1 Clienti

A trip with unscheduled excitement for F1 Clienti

Moscow 22 July –It was a dawn start today for the F1 Clienti crew that had been working this weekend at the fifth running of the Moscow City Racing event, which brings together all that is best from the world of motor racing, in the heart of the Russian capital. Thanks to its partnership with Kaspersky Lab, this was Ferrari’s third time at the event and its fourth street show run of the year, after visits to Rio de Janeiro, Warsaw and Jerusalem. This afternoon, the team headed back to base in Maranello after a weekend that involved more work than usual, which will also have a knock-on effect over the coming weeks.

It will take a lot of work to rebuild the F60, damaged yesterday afternoon, against the backdrop of the Kremlin. It was towards the end of the event that Kamui Kobayashi was caught out by the damp track and a bump, hitting the crash barriers at around 115 km/h. Fortunately, the Japanese driver was unhurt and no spectators in the stands near the crash were injured, but the same cannot be said for the F60, which was badly damaged on the right side. But the way the Scuderia prepares for this type of event meant that Kobayashi was back on track in a matter of minutes to carry on putting on a show for the crowd that had spent several hours in the rain, to see their favourites do their stuff at the wheel of the Formula 1 machines. Thanks to the availability of a spare car and the speed of the mechanics, he was able to do a final run of the day to salute the crowd. For some of the crew, it was a bit like the old days when they worked for the race team at the Grands Prix.

It involved reacting in exactly the same manner as was the case when a spare car could be used over the three days of a race weekend, not just in the case of a breakdown or accident, but also for strategic reasons, such as in the Sunday morning warm-up session. Actually, one doesn’t have to go back to prehistoric times to remember the way it used to be in Formula 1, because the 30 minute pre-race warm-up was still around in 2002. Back then, it was usual to have one, or in the case of Monaco or races that might prove critical, two spare cars ready for use in the garage. So yesterday in Moscow was a bit of a blast from the past, maybe one that the crew could have been done without, but no doubt one that evoked some emotions, thinking back to past incidents.

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