Italian GP

Tweet Tweet – here’s @alo_oficial!

Maranello, 9 September – The day after the Italian Grand Prix and his fourth podium in four appearances wearing red at the Scuderia’s home race, Fernando Alonso chatted to his fans via his personal Twitter account @alo_oficial. Here are the replies to the most interesting questions, chosen by Fernando from the thousands that were sent in.

@saretta94bs: Who’s your idol?
@alo_oficial: Senna, Indurain

@sarahBailey40: Do you ever have time to read? What sort of books do you like?
@alo_oficial: I like Samurai books

@Paco_Guerrero93: Can we expect some star names to come to your new cycling team?

@alo_oficial: We have plenty of things to do in these first months. We will use humility and make every effort to try to gain the experience needed for a big team to compete as quickly as possible. You definitely have to take one step at a time. We hope to have a solid and professional base, a team that seems attractive enough from the outside for the great cyclists to want to join up with this project.

@ichaagdelia: What is your most memorable moment in F1?
@alo_oficial: Valencia 2012 GP

@proudofyou_alo: What’s your lucky number?
@alo_oficial: 14

@RUBENSANT98: Do you still think you can win the world championship?
@alo_oficial: We will believe that right to the end! We’ll be giving everything!

@sammyrobson1975: Beach or city holiday?
@alo_oficial: Beach!!!

@opernasl: What will your cycling team be called?
@alo_oficial: We don’t know yet! We’ll tell everyone as soon as it’s decided!

@HannahsLaw: If you could hand-pick your next team-mate who would you choose?
@alo_oficial: Well, I said yesterday to the media it’s not possible for me to talk of any name for next year because I have a lot of respect for Felipe. We’ve been working very hard and close for 4 years to give Ferrari the maximum. Whatever decision the team will take will be good for me and we will keep working to give Ferrari the best results possible.
@franciscm11: Did you sense yesterday that all the love of the Italian tifosi is worth so much, or really even more than a world championship with Ferrari?
@alo_oficial: That was a fantastic sensation. I’ve had the incredible luck to get on the podium 93 times and I’ve always had the same feeling of support, of never-ending chants and applause. Certainly to be at Monza with Ferrari represents something more. You always want to win the races but it’s true that the recognition of the people for your efforts is one of the best rewards for your work!

@celinehurricane: What do you think of all the stories that journalists write about you that sometimes put you in a bad light?
@alo_oficial: Hahaha! Everyone does their work as well as they can, or as well as they know how. I’m always 100% focused on my own work, always close to the team and to the public, as can be seen by everyone in the team and by you fans at every chance. If this way of life isn’t the most attractive thing to sell that’s not something you can control, it’s you who watch the races and see the passion of the whole Ferrari family, which is unique in the competitive world. That’s the most enjoyable thing about our work :) )

@1vn4n4ll3 If someone goes over their place on the grid, do all the cars have to do another formation lap?
@alo_oficial: We have a reverse gear and so you’d have to find a way to get yourself back into the correct position before the lights go on.

@DM_275: What does Ferrari mean for you…?
@alo_oficial: It’s a way of living, my team, my 2nd family, my friends.

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