Kamui Kobayashi

A veil of sadness marks Moscow City Racing

Moscow, 21 July –A day of festivities, despite the rain came to an end with an unwanted event and a note of great sadness, while Ferrari was taking part in the fifth running of Moscow City Racing. The day was rather intense and not all the emotions were pleasant ones.

The fact that tragedy struck late in the day doesn’t lessen its significance, buta it was only when the event was over that news reached the Scuderia garage that a young motorcycle racer, Andrea Antonelli had suffered a fatal accident at the Moscow Raceway, the circuit which was staging a round of the Supersport and Superbike championships, only a short distance from the paddock under the walls of the Kremlin.

The Prancing Horse mechanics and engineers were greatly saddened, while also being aware that risk, at the highest level is always present in racing. It’s not for nothing that motor racing tickets always carry the warning, “Motorsport is dangerous,” something of a warning that everyone must always keep in mind. When tragedies like this occur, one’s first thoughts are with the family and those close to the person who has died while following his passion, a passion shared by everyone who works in motor sport. Truth be told, without it there would be no racing.

Kamui Kobayashi

Kobayashi spectacular in rainy Moscow

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