Giancarlo Fisichella

Two views of the same lap

Maranello, 19 June – Have you ever seen what a lap of a track looks like from a Formula 1 car, looking forwards and backwards at the same time? Sounds impossible, but that’s just what Ferrari’s F1 Clienti department has come up with, by fitting two on board cameras joined together producing a split frame image, on the F60 which Giancarlo Fisichella drove last Friday through the streets of Jerusalem, as part of the first ever “Jerusalem Peace Road Show.”
The effect is certainly unusual and entertaining and its impact is even more spectacular because of the captivating course used for this event, set against a background of spectators.

Giancarlo Fisichella, Nil Barkat

Ferrari on the streets of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, 18 March – Ferrari is to take to the streets of Jerusalem. A car from the Maranello team driven by Giancarlo Fisichella