Olympic Winter Games – Sochi 2014

A collaboration between Ferrari and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) began in 2006 with the aim of transferring Ferrari technology and know-how to Olympic disciplines.
When the 23rd Winter Olympics take place in Sochi from 7 to 23 February, the results of that collaboration will be seen in 7 disciplines.

- Development of a two-man bob and provision of technical support to the team. Wind tunnel testing.

Luge / Skeleton bob:
- Wind tunnel testing and aerodynamic studies.

Downhill skiing:
- Wind tunnel testing and measurement of the skiers to aid study of their performance.

Ski jumping / Nordic skiing:
- Wind tunnel testing, aerodynamic work, measurement of the athletes to aid study of their performance, preparation of the base of the skis.

Short track:
- Preparation of the blades, measurement of the athletes to aid study of their performance.

All the projects were split into two phases. In the first, scientific and engineering principles were used to interpret the demands made the engineers of each chosen discipline. In the second, the data gathered were passed on to a team of nine engineers from different disciplines to produce the equipment.
- How many Ferrari personnel were involved in the project: seven
- How many CONI personnel are here at Maranello working on the project: two
- When did work start on Sochi 2014: September 2012.