212 F1

Thanks to experimentation with a large number of engines and chassis, Ferrari was able to build special versions almost to customer requirements, as was the case of the 212, a single-seater considered a F1 car, although its aspirated engine with just 2562 cc, as indicated by the 212 label, only provided 200 hp.

Two versions were built, one with a De Dion rear axle, and one with oscillating half-axles, used in various races in 1951, driven by Serafini (the DD) and by Swiss man Fisher who was the owner of the other and had his own team, called Ecurie Espadon.

The car’s performance allowed it to be used in special races, such as uphill races, a Swiss speciality.

Dorino Serafini


Type front, longitudinal 60° V12
Bore/stroke 68 x 58.8 mm
Unitary displacement 213.54 cc
Total displacement 2562.51 cc
Compression ratio 12 : 1
Maximum power 147 kW (200 hp) at 7500 rpm
Power per litre 78 hp/l
Valve actuation single overhead camshaft per bank, two valves per cylinder
Fuel feed three Weber 32 DCF carburettors
Lubrication dry sump
Clutch multi-plate


Frame tubular steel
Front suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, lower transverse leaf spring, hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear suspension independent, swing axles, transverse leaf spring, hydraulic shock absorbers
Brakes drums
Transmission 5-speed + reverse
Steering worm and sector
Fuel tank capacity 130 litres
Front tyres 5.50 x 16
Rear tyres 6.50 x 16
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