Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - More positive than negatives

23 Nov 2017

Seb and Kimi take stock of the season-not forgetting the last race

Abu Dhabi – The last weekend of the 2017 season has just begun and that’s also a good time to take stock of the year, evaluating the positives and negatives. For Scuderia Ferrari drivers, it’s obvious that there’s been more of the former.

“This year” says Sebastian “we’ve been very close to get the maximum prize. Of course, you always look at what you lost and in the last part of this season we missed out on a lot. At the same time, though, I think what we’ve achieved is clearer. The team is there and the spirit is there as well. There are many positive aspects giving us strength and hope for next year.
It is impossible to predict what will happen, but I think if we manage to focus on ourselves as we’ve done this year and with no distractions, then we should be able to do well. Our car has always been strong this year, but sometimes something was just not meant to be. Sometimes we made mistakes with big consequences and outcomes. However, these things happen and if we can learn from all these things and go deep inside, then we will be on the right path”.

“There’s still one race to go, but our approach to the weekend is always the same,” says Kimi. “Our aim and preparation don’t change. I think that this year we’ve had a good car, which has been strong almost everywhere. Depending on circuits and conditions one day you can have the best car and on another day it might be another car doing better. For me, the final result of this season is far from what we wanted, but this is how it turned out to be. We had some good races and some others where we had issues or did not finish. Next year we’ll try to do everything better”.

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