Austrian Grand Prix - “Let’s focus on this race now”

6 Jul 2017

Seb: “Never easy to get it right”. Kimi: “We can be up there”

Spielberg – Formula One has returned to Europe, with all the teams preparing for the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix. At Spielberg, the morning sun gave way to clouds and a burst of rain in the afternoon. Scuderia Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel look ahead to the weekend after the well-publicised events in Azerbaijan.
“At the beginning of this week, I went to Paris to speak with the FIA and talk about what happened. Now we are here to move on and focus on the race. It is never easy to get everything right and to come out on top. I don’t think this has been a terrible week, but then it depends on what happens for the rest of it…”.
Kimi seems to be keen on the 4.3 km Austrian circuit: “I like the layout of this track: it doesn’t have many corners, so the lap time is quite short and everybody is quite close in qualifying. It’s not easy to make predictions for the weekend, even if, in the past this track has been quite good for us but obviously, with the new rule changes, you never know. I think that our car should be fine, we have been pretty strong everywhere so far. We are quite confident that wherever we go and in whatever conditions we can be up there. The end result obviously depends on many things, we’ll see how it goes but we should be ok”.

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