F92 A

Montezemolo’s restructuring of the company brought Harvey Postlethwaite back to Ferrari where he joined Migeot (aerodynamics) and Claudio Lombardi (engines). The 1992 single-seater was a completely new design, although it did include a few familiar elements such as air intakes separate from sides of the bodywork, as well as new features such as a higher nose cone to which the front skirt was attached by two vertical supports. The front suspension had been completely overhauled as well with the adoption of a kinetic motion that used just one group of suspension springs. The new gearbox had six rather than seven speeds and a different automatic actuation system.

It was with this car that Ferrari faced into one of its most difficult seasons. The delay in developing new technologies, particularly when it came to electronics, combined with a radical long-term restructuring of the company, took their toll. Despite its innovations, the F92 A was not up to the competition and the Scuderia scored just 21 points by the end of the season. Even the undoubted talents of Alesi, who had come third in Spain and Canada, were not enough to pull the Prancing Horse out of its troubles. The Championship was dominated by Williams-Renault, with Nigel Mansell taking the Drivers’ title five races before the end of the season.

Jean Alesi
Ivan Capelli
Nicola Larini


Type rear, longitudinal 65° V12
Bore/stroke 88 x 47.95 mm
Unitary displacement 291.63 cc
Total displacement 3499.65 cc
Compression ratio 12.6 : 1
Maximum power 540 kW (735 hp) at 14,800 rpm
Power per litre 210 hp/l
Valve actuation twin overhead camshafts per bank, five valves per cylinder
Fuel feed Weber-Marelli electronic indirect injection
Lubrication dry sump
Clutch multi-plate


Frame honeycomb and carbon-fibre composite monocoque
Front suspension independent push-rod, twin wishbones, Belleville washers, single shock absorber, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension ndependent push-rod, twin wishbones, coil springs over horizontally-mounted telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes carbon-carbon composite discs
Transmission electro-hydraulic 6-speed + reverse
Steering rack-and-pinion
Front tyres 13”, Goodyear
Rear tyres 13”, Goodyear