Finali Mondiali - Exciting day for the drivers

8 Nov 2015

Kimi: “A very special day.” Seb: “I promise I will be giving my all for the fans.”

Scarperia, 8 November – Those who think today’s F1 drivers are two dimensional, with no room for emotion were evidently not at Mugello this Sunday. Seb Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen went all out to give their utmost for the thousands of people who were up against the barriers, endlessly signing autographs, posing for selfies and, above all putting on a great show on track. Later, in the press conference they gave their thoughts on the day.
Let’s start with Kimi, a “veteran” of this type of event. “This is a very special day and it’s hard to compare to previous Ferrari Days that I’ve attended. It definitely helps that we’re in Italy, Ferrari’s homeland. But maybe, today reminds me of the 2007 event, after I’d won the world title. Anyway, it’s always nice to do something for the fans. I am really happy. Now we will try to do our best in the two remaining rounds of this championship.”
And Seb echoed his team-mate’s sentiments: “It would be nice if events like this were held more often, as it’s a chance to meet the people who support us. On top of that, this was the perfect day, warm and sunny and also on the perfect track! As for the championship, the last race was the worst of the season in terms of results, but even so, in Mexico our race pace was encouraging. Let’s bear in mind that eight to nine months ago, we were around 1.3, 1.4 seconds off the pace, whereas now its down to half a second or even less. I promise the fans that in the next two races, we will give it all we’ve got. The ideal would be if we’re out ahead of everyone…”

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