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1955 - Ferrari second in Buenos Aires

16 Jan 1955

On 16th January 1955, the Argentinian Grand Prix was held in Buenos Aires, as the opening round of the Formula 1 World Championship. Scuderia Ferrari turned up with three 625 F1s and entered four drivers: local hero José Froilan Gonzalez, Frenchman Maurice Trintignant and the Italians Giuseppe Farina and Umberto Maglioli.

Gonzalez took pole position ahead of Ascari in the Lancia, but the race, which was run in difficult climatic conditions as the heat was torrid, was dominated by the Mercedes of that other great Argentinian, Juan Manuel Fangio. Only the reigning world champion and fellow countryman Roberto Mieres in a Maserati were able to finish the race without being relieved by another driver, something which was allowed back then, the points being split between the drivers. Only one of the three Ferraris finished the Grand Prix on the same lap (96) as the winner, but it took three stints at the wheel, from Gonzalez, Farina and Trintignant, to get it home in second place, while another 625 F1, in which Trintignant and Farina alternated runs at the wheel, as well as Maglioli finished third. The third Maranello car had to retire after 36 laps with an engine problem.