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Fernando Alonso wins 2013 Spanish GP

12 May 2013

On 12th May 2013, the Spanish Grand Prix was held at Montmelo. Fastest in qualifying was Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes, while Fernando Alonso, despite looking good in race trim, was only fifth in the F138. In the other Prancing Horse car, Felipe Massa was right behind his team-mate but had to drop to ninth on the grid because of a penalty.

Alonso made a breathtaking and aggressive start. He charged through the first corner and went into the second one going past first Raikkonen, then Hamilton, thus dealing right away with two of his rivals in the same corner. Fernando sat in the wake of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull and Rosberg, but had no chance to attack. Ferrari had opted for a four stop strategy which would prove to be the winning one. As the race evolved, twice the Spaniard found himself ahead of Vettel on older tyres.

Both times, Alonso had the situation comfortably under control and even shook off Rosberg, before flying to the win. Behind him was Kimi Raikkonen in the Lotus, while on the third step of the podium was Felipe Massa, who’d driven a very aggressive race in the other Ferrari.