It happened today

Kimi Raikkonnen just misses pole at Monaco

23 May 2009

Qualifying for the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix took place on 23rd May. Ferrari and its main rivals from 2008, McLaren, were struggling somewhat after the radical rule changes which, almost from nowhere had propelled Brawn GP, a team born out of the ashes of Honda, to the top of the pile. However, in Monaco Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen was really on form. The Finn came very close to pole, which went to the Englishman Jenson Button in the Brawn. The championship leader was under pressure though, as Kimi and the F60 was just 25 thousandths slower.

In the race the next day, Brawn finished first and second and Raikkonen determination and will to win was powerless to do much about it, although with a clear track ahead he made up 5 seconds on Button and Rubens Barrichello in the other Brawn, to finish third, 13 seconds off the Englishman and 7 behind the Brazilian.