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The D50's fifth victory of 1956 season

5 Aug 1956

On 5th August 1956, Juan Manuel Fangio won the German Grand Prix. At the Nurbugring, the Argentinian took the D50 to its fifth and final win of the season, crossing the line ahead of no less than four Maseratis, including one driven by his main rival, Stirling Moss. Fangio’s car was the only one of the Ferrari-Lancias to finish: all the others had to retire, either with reliability problems or through accidents.

The win in Germany was key to taking the world title. In Monza, almost a month later, the engine on Fangio’s car broke and he was only able to maintain the lead in the championship thanks to the sacrifice of his team-mate Peter Collins, who handed over his car, in which Fangio finished second.