It happened today

Four Ferrari engines in top four qualifying positions

3 Sep 1960

On 3rd September 1960, Phil Hill took pole position for the Italian Grand Prix. In fact, the American had set his fastest time of 2.41.4 the previous day, on Friday afternoon: Hill was again fastest on Saturday, but was one second slower. The weekend was a triumph for the Scuderia, which had four of its engines in the top four places, as the fourth placed Cooper of Giulio Cabianca had a Maranello-built engine. In the race it was a case of five out of five, with Von Trips fifth in a Formula 2 car: in fact in the absence of the English teams who refused to take part because they felt that the track with its high speed ring was not safe, Formula 2 cars were also allowed to take part to fill up the grid.

Hill won the race from fellow countryman Richie Ginther, who was followed home by Willy Mairesse and Cabianca. It was the last ever win for the 256 F1, the last Grand Prix car built in Maranello with the engine mounted at the front. “Oxen go in front and pull the cart, they don’t push it,” Enzo Ferrari had once said regarding rear-mounted engines, but the superiority of the new layout was such that even the Commendatore had to accept it, to the extent that during the season both the 246 P F1 and the 156 F2 made their debuts with the engine mounted behind the driver.