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Gianni Morbidelli's only GP for Ferrari

3 Nov 1991

On 3rd November 1991, Gianni Morbidelli took part in a Formula 1 Grand Prix in a Ferrari for the first and only time. He was already a test driver for the Scuderia, but raced that season for the Maranello-powered Minardi team. Morbidelli was called in to deputise for Alain Prost who had been sacked because of the comments he made following the Japanese Grand Prix two weeks earlier. The race was affected by really heavy rain hitting the Adelaide street circuit right from the start, so that the drivers were more concerned with keep their cars on track than with trying to floor the throttle. From lap 10 onwards, the storm got worse and as a result, the number of off track excursions increased. Crossing the line for the sixteenth time, Senna indicated with his arm that the race should be stopped and so it was. The stewards decided that the race result would be taken from the order on lap 14. This meant that some, such as Mansell for example, who had ended in the barriers, were back among the leaders. It was unlucky for Morbidelli who was third on lap 16. The Italian was classified sixth, which was worth half a point, as only half points were awarded. However, Morbidelli made amends four years later at the very same track, when he finished third at the wheel of an Arrows.