Japanese Grand Prix by Matteo Cremona

9 Oct 2019

Le fronde ondeggiano nella brezza gentile mentre la SF90 aggredisce la pista di Suzuka, l’odore di gomma quasi dolce come il profumo dei ciliegi.

Matteo Cremona is an Italian comic artist. He makes his debut in 2003 on the short story collection “I vizi di Pinketts” by Edizioni BD. Shortly after, he joins the staff of artists working on the series “John Doe”, published by Eura Editoriale. In 2008 he works on the minisieries “David Murphy 911″, written by Roberto Recchioni and published by Panini Comics. In 2010 he draws the short story “il Brigadiere Leonardi”, written by Carlo Lucarelli and published by Edizioni BD. For the same publisher he creates an Artbook of 12 Illustrations on the Apocalypse; two years later these become the basis for a personal exhibition. In 2012 he begins his collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore; during the years he works on “Le Storie”, “Orfani”, “Ringo”, “Nuovo Mondo” and the miniseries “Orfani: Terra”. In 2018 he draws the first two issues of the miniseries “Mister No Revolution”, written by Michele Masiero.

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