OZ was founded back in 1971 from a passion for the motor world. OZ lightweight alloy wheels are the perfect synthesis of technology, design and performance translated into the highest levels of security and quality. A high-speed partnership this is OZ’s relationship with the Maranello based team. It is also an important recognition of the years of effort, dedication and passion for the world of Formula 1 where the OZ wheels have been used on the circuits since 1985. To be racing alongside the most successful Italian team of all time, gives OZ immense pride and motivation to continuously improve the product to guarantee the highest level of support for the Ferrari team. OZ has been selected to “dress” the wheels of the new singleseater Ferrari over the last 8 seasons. OZ takes care of technology, design and graphics a meticulous way and the signature of all this job is the yellow “storico OZ” logo used by the company since the first championships OZ participated in during the 1980s. This was chosen as a tribute to all supporters of motorsport by the two Italian companies who are always at the forefront, both on and off the track.