Australian GP

Melbourne - Albert Park


Albert Park, Melbourne

Home to the Australian GP since 1996, the circuit uses roads running through Albert Park. 5.303 km in length, the track evolves bit by bit, as it rubbers in. It is particularly demanding on the brakes, with heavy braking areas followed by continual accelerations. Fuel consumption also has to be watched closely here. Narrow run off areas mean the barriers are close to the track, inevitably leading to regular appearances from Safety Car. Scuderia Ferrari has nine Australian wins to its name, the first dating back to 1987, when Gerhard Berger led home team-mate Michele Alboreto in Adelaide. Eddie Irvine won in 1999, followed by four wins for Michael Schumacher. In 2007, Kimi Raikkonen won his maiden outing for Ferrari, an achievement matched only by Juan Manuel Fangio, Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell. In 2017 and 2018 the winner was Sebastian Vettel for Scuderia Ferrari.

The first corner
It’s a sort of quick right hand chicane and a dangerous bottleneck. There was an infamous accident in 2002, when Ralf Schumacher’s Williams launched itself over Rubens Barrichello’s Ferrari, leading to a massive carambolage that knocked out over a third of the field.

Turn 3
The corner comes after a DRS straight, so it’s an ideal place to try a passing move. Under braking, you need to be as far to the left as possible, while being careful not to get a wheel on the grass, as that can lead to a spin.

Australian Grand Prix Historic Standings from 1985
Race wins
Pole Positions
Fastest Laps
The Track


Max speed



Circuit length
5.303 m
Lap record
M.Schumacher 2004

Hall of fame


1987 Berger F1-87
1999 Irvine F399
2000 Schumacher F1-2000
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Schumacher F2001
2004 Schumacher F2004
2007 Raikkonen F2007
2017 Vettel SF70H
2018 Vettel SF71H
1987 Berger F1-87
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Barrichello F2001
2003 Schumacher F2003-GA
2004 Schumacher F2004
2007 Raikkonen F2007
1987 Berger F1-87
1990 Mansell F1-90
1999 Schumacher F399
2000 Barrichello F1-2000
2001 Schumacher F2001
2004 Schumacher F2004
2007 Raikkonen F2007
2011 Massa 150° Italia
2017 Raikkonen SF70H
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