Belgian GP



Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Spa-Francorchamps

Spa-Francorchamps is a true classic Formula 1 circuit. There was a time when it was 14 kilometres in length and, even today, it is the longest track on the calendar, at 7.004 kilometres. One key section is the Bus Stop, formerly a double chicane and now a single turn. It’s very easy to overshoot and for safety reasons, it’s not possible to cut the corner. Rejoining the track therefore costs precious time. It nearly always rains in Spa, either in practice or during the race. It’s a track that sorts the boys from the men and the majority of drivers love it. To appreciate the difficulty of the challenge it presents, you only have to look at the winners’ roll of honour. Among the track’s most famous sections are the uphill esses at Eau Rouge and the following Raidillon, as well as Les Combes, Malmedy, Stavelot and Blanchimont. Ferrari has won 16 times in Belgium, 12 of them at Spa: the first victor was Alberto Ascari in 1952 and the last to date courtesy of Kimi Raikkonen in 2009.

Eau Rouge and Raidillon
One of the most spectacular pieces of track in the world. The barriers used to be much closer, punishing the slightest error, but even today it has to be treated with respect: making a slow exit almost invariably means losing a place.

Bus Stop and La Source
You arrive here on the run down from Blanchimont with the brakes having now cooled. A slow exit means laying yourself open at La Source, after the finish line. The hairpin after the start is very tricky: in 2012, Romain Grosjean played skittles with the pack, even flying over Alonso’s Ferrari.


Belgian Grand Prix in numbers

Belgian Grand Prix Historic Standings from 1950
Race wins
Pole Positions
Fastest Laps
The Track


Max speed



Circuit length
7.004 m
Lap record
V.Bottas 2018
1952 Ascari 500 F2
1953 Ascari 500 F2
1956 Collins D50
1961 Hill 156 F1
1966 Surtees 312 F1-66
1975 Lauda 312 T
1976 Lauda 312 T2
1979 Scheckter 312 T4
1984 Alboreto 126 C4
1996 Schumacher F310
1997 Schumacher F310 B
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Schumacher F2002
2007 Raikkonen F2007
2008 Massa F2008
2009 Raikkonen F60
2018 Vettel SF71H
1952 Ascari 500 F2
1956 Fangio D50
1958 Hawthorn 246 F1
1961 Hill 156 F1
1966 Surtees 312 F1-66
1968 Amon 312 F1-68
1974 Regazzoni 312 B3-74
1975 Lauda 312 T
1976 Lauda 312 T2
1984 Alboreto 126 C4
1995 Berger 412 T2
2002 Schumacher F2002
2007 Raikkonen F2007
1952 Ascari 500 F2
1958 Hawthorn 500 F2
1960 Hill 256 F1
1961 Ginther 156 F1
1966 Surtees 312 F1-66
1975 Regazzoni 312 T
1976 Lauda 312 T2
1979 Villeneuve 312 T4
1984 Arnoux 126 C4
1988 Berger F1-87/88
1990 Prost F1-90
1998 Schumacher F300
2000 Barrichello F1-2000
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Schumacher F2002
2007 Massa F2007
2008 Raikkonen F2008
2017 Vettel SF70H