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Hungaroring, Budapest

Hungary and this circuit first featured on the calendar in 1986. It caused quite a stir, being the first ever race held behind the Iron Curtain, when the Cold War was a reality. And still today, the Hungarian GP attracts one of the biggest crowds of the year, despite the fact that the 4.381 km Hungaroring, is narrow, short, slow, always very dirty, with overtaking all but impossible. Drivers are split into two clear camps, either loving it or hating it. The layout features several corner types, some with heavy braking as well as low speed turns. Among the most exciting is definitely turn 5, which is taken blind, with the contours creating a greater impression of speed. The track usually has little grip when cars start running on Friday, but improves bit by bit as the track rubbers in. In the past few years, the surface quality has been much improved, compared to its bumpy past. The intense heat makes this race something of an endurance test on the physical front. Scuderia Ferrari has won here on seven occasions, the first courtesy of Nigel Mansell back in 1989, the last being the work of Sebastian Vettel in 2017.

The first corner
Overtaking is a rare commodity. You can try at the first corner, mainly with the help of DRS. It was here that Nelson Piquet pulled a great move on Ayrton Senna, with a slide worthy of a rally driver rather than a track racer.

Turn 3
With a good exit from turn 2, the driver arrives at this left hand downhill turn, which lends itself to different interpretations when it comes to the right line. In 1989, just a bit further on, Nigel Mansell in the Ferrari, overtook Senna, when the Brazilian hesitated when faced with a backmarker.

Hungarian Grand Prix Historic Standings from 1986
Race wins
Pole Positions
Fastest Laps
The Track


Max speed



Circuit length
4.381 m
Lap record
M.Schumacher 2004
1989 Mansell F1-89
1998 Schumacher F300
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Barrichello F2002
2004 Schumacher F2004
2015 Vettel SF15-T
2017 Vettel SF70H
1996 Schumacher F310
1997 Schumacher F310 B
2000 Schumacher F1-2000
2001 Schumacher F2001
2002 Barrichello F2002
2004 Schumacher F2004
2005 Schumacher F2005
2017 Vettel SF70H
1989 Mansell F1-89
1998 Schumacher F300
2002 Schumacher F2002
2004 Schumacher F2004
2006 Massa 248 F1
2007 Raikkonen F2007
2008 Raikkonen F2008
2011 Massa Ferrari 150° Italia
2016 Raikkonen SF16-H