Monaco GP

Monte Carlo


Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo

The Monaco GP presents drivers and teams with a unique challenge, best illustrated by the fact that in 1996, only four cars took the chequered flag. One would be hard pushed to find a labyrinth of streets less suited to the current Formula 1 cars. But the appeal of the Principality is unique and winning this race is up there with taking the world title. The majority of corners are taken in low gear, but the Monegasque track is also home to the fastest corner on the calendar, the tunnel, which has such a slight curve that, for most drivers it is regarded pretty much as a straight. On the 3.337 kilometres of the streets of the Principality, Ferrari has won nine times, but more importantly, this was the venue of the team’s Formula 1 debut, in the second round of the 1950 season. The first win came in 1955, thanks to Maurice Trintignant, the last was in 2017 with Ferrari one-two with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

Ste. Devote (Turn 1)
There’s no single place where one can win the Monaco Grand Prix, but there are several where the race can be lost. One of these is Turn 1, where there’s a risk of overshooting the braking point and hitting the barriers at the exit.

The harbour chicane
A key place for overtaking, as it’s the least difficult point on the track for this. Getting past isn’t enough though, because you also need to get through the chicane. It’s been the scene of many accidents in the past, including 1955, when Alberto Ascari ended up in the sea.

Monaco Grand Prix Historic Standings from 1950
Race wins
Pole Positions
Fastest Laps
The Track


Max speed



Circuit length
3.337 m
Lap record
M.Verstappen 2018
1955 Trintignant 625 F1
1975 Lauda 312 T
1976 Lauda 312 T2
1979 Scheckter 312 T4
1981 Villeneuve 126 CK
1997 Schumacher F310 B
1999 Schumacher F399
2001 Schumacher F2001
2017 Vettel SF70H
1956 Fangio D50
1974 Lauda 312 B3-1974
1975 Lauda 312 T
1976 Lauda 312 T2
1978 Reutemann 312 T3
1979 Scheckter 312 T4
1996 Schumacher F310
2000 Schumacher F1-2000
2008 Massa F2008
2017 Raikkonen SF70H
1956 Fangio D50
1958 Hawthorn 246 F1
1961 Ginther 156 F1
1963 Surtees 156 F1-63
1966 Bandini 246 F1-66
1976 Regazzoni 312 T
1985 Alboreto 156/85
1991 Prost F1-91
1995 Alesi 412 T2
1997 Schumacher F310 B
2002 Barrichello F2002
2004 Schumacher F2004
2005 Schumacher F2005
2006 Schumacher 248 F1
2008 Raikkonen F2008
2009 Massa F60
2014 Raikkonen F 14 T
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